Monday, May 30, 2011

Yoga + Chicken cutlets = @#%#%#$%

Ok! Second post as far as the blog is concerned but First official post as far as my weightloss is concerned!! *does the happy dance* *without trying to move too much- cant afford another CATCH after last times happy dance* ;)

So i started my day real early! 5.30 am up n outta bed, n yet 15 mins late for My YOGA session! Woohoo ONLY 15 MINS late! Yoga was great. Ignoring the fact that i cant do most aasans, yet i manage to bend a lil here n there and still feel wonderful! So imagine the positive after effects of yoga!!

Honestly, its the solution to all of life’s problems. Whether you’re having a bad cold, or your man mercilessly dumped you, or your unable to squat for too long to do “potty” Indian style or ur a victim of incessant migraines, back aches, neck aches, stomach aches and any other body parts that may ache, YOGA can cure it all!! And its super easy to do as well ( If i could manage, don even bother complaining that you cant! ) Moreover, it ignites this inner “i cant believe im so fresh today” feeling! So seriously, stop being lazy and do any of the following three things, or atleast try it!

a) Venture out n buy Shilpa Shetty’s yoga cd! (i haven’t tried it, but lotsa positive first hand feedback). Learn something from HOW hot she is!

b) You’re a miser in which case, visit the following link, its free!!

Video link:

c) Enrol for yoga classes (best bet guys!)
If you can’t do either of these, ATLEAST google the benefits of yoga! How difficult is that guys! And besides, im here for any questions you may have! Consider yourself lucky...

Todays Diet! (i really tried- don’t judge )

I might have sinned a lil today! I started off great... a nice big bowl of POHA (i dono what you call it in English, its yellow, soft n awesome! Lol) with some 100% pure mixed fruit juice.
Then came lunch. I was fully prepared for chapatti and ladyfingers BUT some relatives dropped in, had to get snacks, had no time, so I munched on chicken cutlets  Then it became worse, I had some sweets as well! But I made up, Im skipping dinner and having some green tea! Tomorrow i promise ill do better!!

Thats it for today! Tomorrow i start my swimming sessions (YES!!! IN A SWIMSUIT) Control your laughter and un-raise your eyebrows, i Look pretty okay in it! Haha! I very smartly wear it. Irrespective of size, TECHNIQUE always matters! (for every aspect of life, LOL) If you want details on that, you can ask!!
Lets hope for a good week?? Cheers...

PS: Make do with the sidey googled pictures. I don’t have my cam! Even if I did, im sure you’ll wouldn’t want to see ME doing any of the aasans hahaha! But yeah, in a couple of days you’ll get to see the REAL ACTION (however you wanna interpret it is fine with me ;))


  1. hey Shreen..Great stuff..the blog is real funny..can't wait for future adventures and misadventures..If i had to give some advice on diet I would say AVOID poha and fruit juices..your breakfast should contain lots of lean protein and slow burning a veggie omelet or oats with fruits and skimmed milk are safer with fruit juices you are losing all the go for raw fruits..finally do some stretching before sleeping..not only will it help you sleep better but over time you will look of luck..

    P.S. all profile names starting with my name were taken so i went for "beginner" and typo made it bringer..god only knows what if its even a word..Anyways this is Girish over here..

  2. you bitch ! remember how you guys got pissed when i brought my yoga classes in between plans...!!! and look at you going gaga about it...a$$... on a serious not, I definitely apprecaite your effort. keep going :)

  3. Girish! wow thanks for making an effort to comment lol!!

    And thank you soooooo much for the advice i really appreciate it n yeah im gonna avoid the poha now on! n cut down on the juices too :D

    Keep readin n advicin as well!! Thanks a tonne for ur support! cheers..

  4. making an effort to comment?
    shouldn't it be "thanks for making a comment?"
    which school? :P

    this one piece of advice will be difficult to follow..I know because it is for me.
    Cut down on alcohol..1 gram = 7 calories..
    cheers!! bad..

  5. i no drink :) and me english sucks :P and agen thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu