Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cardio Crazy!

Hello losers. I meant weight losers. Lol *facepalm at own joke* the weekend is almost here, how does that make you feel? Well offlate i don’t think i like weekends. Because they are just excuses to gorge. So this weekend Ive decided to not do so and have simple dietary food as much as possible

Ive also pimped up my gym routine. I do more reps, heavier weights and on cardio days, I just do extra cardio. My usual routine is Upper body, lower body and cardio on 3 different days. And I usually do about 15 minutes of cardio even after weight training to burn more calories. Im going to increase that to about 30. I actually have already been doing that since last two days. Oh and the elliptical is my favourite machine, and the fastest way to break a sweat!

Oh here’s what I made this week. Its not exactly healthy, but its really really tasty. You can keep it as your weekend option!!

Chicken Bread

You can find the recipe here
And that filling is HEAVENLY!! Its one of the best ive tasted in a chicken bread. MUST TRY!!

And Just randomly, thats Rudy, my little tiger.

Cute na?

2 days left for the weekend. Hang in there! Till my next post, cheers!

Friday, March 23, 2012

In High Spirits ;)

Remember how I told you guys I put on 2 kgs!! Well, it wasn’t because of over eating...which umm..err I technically didn’t do, unless you think I.... blah never mind. I’m fat and I know it!!
But yes, THE ALCOHOL was a major contributor to my plus 2 kgs. I normally don’t drink and I suppose my body isn’t accustomed to it, which explains a lot of things.

Yes, alcohol IS fattening. It halts fat burning and enhances and activates fat production and storage in the body. So you fat people know what you need to cut down on now.

But not to lower your spirits (pun intended), here’s an awesome cocktail recipe. My personal Favourite, presenting the Singapore Sling

5 ml Benedictine
5 ml Cointreau
5 ml Angostura bitters
5 ml Grenadine
5 ml Gin
Orange Juice
Crushed Ice

( Courtesy Pritham awesomehost Dsouza )

Oh and this is a must try! Coffee Liqueur

Today was a holiday, so no swimming (secretly jumps slowly ensuring nothing breaks ) but back to the urine filled waters tomorrow. Haha. And yes, no matter how much they tell you that they don’t pee in pools, be warned, its a downright LIE!!

Weekend is here, Lets make it large!! LOL I just cant stop. Cheers

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Colourful, really really colourful!

Hello! I've had an awesomely colorful week and As we look forward to yet another weekend (already sipping on imaginary cocktails), I’ve been a bad bad girl this week. Luckily Santa doesn’t get to judge me! I’ve had some of the yummiest cocktails, super awesome cupcakes, Iranian halwa, chocolate toothpaste (yes really) and random chocolates too! I’ve put on 2 kgs as well.. I think I need to make this a weight gain blog haha! Skip this post fatsos :P

I have started swimming though, on the upside. Feels good. Swimming and morning workouts on an empty stomach! Lets see how that turns out. Jay Sean tweeted this tip and I think its really smart. Since you don’t have energy early morning, your body uses up your fat!

Here’s my super awesome Rainbow cupcake with chocolate frosting

You can find the recipe here
I made the icing myself with butter, sugar, cocoa powder, milk and vanilla extract and topped with chocolate shavings.

Look out for my next post with some yummy cocktail recipes!

I promise to be better next week! Haha! Cheers

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leeks vs steaks!

So who else is elated the weekend is finally here? Monday to Saturday feels like an eternity! Except that I don’t have a job now and it makes me feel pretty frikkin awesome!

Surprisingly I didnt miss gym even once this week. My awesome meter is slowly rising. AND Im re joining yoga cause I think its the best exercise one can get. Ignoring the great sacrifice I have to make by getting up at 5.30 am, when I do lose some calories its going to be super amazing!

Oh heres this awesome recipe I tried out, Braised Leeks. Leeks are a little milder than onions and they are immune boosters besides being a great source of fiber. And they’re really tasty too! You can find the recipe here

I ate it with plain rice – not white, brown boiled basmati rice, which is again a great substitute for white rice and it looks AND tastes the same! I also improvised a little. I used organic leeks, so didn’t have to clean them much and instead of slicing through it, I chopped them up. I also used a lot more garlic than the recipe calls for and I substituted butter with olive oil. How healthy is this recipe, huh?

My weekend is shaping out good, I had an awesome night out with my favourite ladies and we hogged! Lol its okay to gorge once a week stop judging me, I gave you the leeks recipe didn’t I?

Excuse my horrible picture quality!!

Pentagon: Olden style restaurant with wooden interiors, one of the lesser famous places and one of my favourites for their yummy food, continental AND Indian! They have the best steaks, but my healthy leeks win...(not)

Anyhu, Im heading to gym now while you'll break your weekly monotony! Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Im back! And serious this time! lol

Wow!! It has got to be the toughest thing on earth to keep your blog going. I am sooo lazy and dominated by this awesome recliner chair in my house! Its been with me for years and has never failed me, more than once that is! Yeah, the last time the wood inside cracked and the chair broke. Whatever. Its back now. And its ruining my life. Me and the chair should be featured in the fevicol ad.

So updates? Plenty..

I quit my job!
I got all kinds of diseases (life threatening) and recovered from them. And used up my health insurance!
I met up with my besties from college after so many years

Well, as is obvious, NOTHING happened while i was away! Annnnddd i managed to maintain the same weight! Muahahaha.

So yes my gym has started, about a year ago. Ive only recently started going, i plan to keep it that way! No pictures today! But keep checking in for my weightloss updates, healthy tips, my yummy healthy recipes (oh yeah ive started cooking!) and hopefully some good news as we go along!

Have a good week!