Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cardio Crazy!

Hello losers. I meant weight losers. Lol *facepalm at own joke* the weekend is almost here, how does that make you feel? Well offlate i don’t think i like weekends. Because they are just excuses to gorge. So this weekend Ive decided to not do so and have simple dietary food as much as possible

Ive also pimped up my gym routine. I do more reps, heavier weights and on cardio days, I just do extra cardio. My usual routine is Upper body, lower body and cardio on 3 different days. And I usually do about 15 minutes of cardio even after weight training to burn more calories. Im going to increase that to about 30. I actually have already been doing that since last two days. Oh and the elliptical is my favourite machine, and the fastest way to break a sweat!

Oh here’s what I made this week. Its not exactly healthy, but its really really tasty. You can keep it as your weekend option!!

Chicken Bread

You can find the recipe here
And that filling is HEAVENLY!! Its one of the best ive tasted in a chicken bread. MUST TRY!!

And Just randomly, thats Rudy, my little tiger.

Cute na?

2 days left for the weekend. Hang in there! Till my next post, cheers!

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