Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Colourful, really really colourful!

Hello! I've had an awesomely colorful week and As we look forward to yet another weekend (already sipping on imaginary cocktails), I’ve been a bad bad girl this week. Luckily Santa doesn’t get to judge me! I’ve had some of the yummiest cocktails, super awesome cupcakes, Iranian halwa, chocolate toothpaste (yes really) and random chocolates too! I’ve put on 2 kgs as well.. I think I need to make this a weight gain blog haha! Skip this post fatsos :P

I have started swimming though, on the upside. Feels good. Swimming and morning workouts on an empty stomach! Lets see how that turns out. Jay Sean tweeted this tip and I think its really smart. Since you don’t have energy early morning, your body uses up your fat!

Here’s my super awesome Rainbow cupcake with chocolate frosting

You can find the recipe here
I made the icing myself with butter, sugar, cocoa powder, milk and vanilla extract and topped with chocolate shavings.

Look out for my next post with some yummy cocktail recipes!

I promise to be better next week! Haha! Cheers

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