Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finally a good week!!

My disrupted posting patterns should be excused. Cuz this time, ive got PICS! YAY! And so much to write about. Ive had the best week ever! Sooo much going on-

1. Smiley week
So we had this smiley week in office where everyone had to spread happiness and other crap. So there were loads of activities n contests, one of them was the smiley decorating contest where we were given a smiley ball n asked to decorate it. So basically on Monday everyone comes to work as usual forgetting about the smiley week and ka-boom, the so called rajnikant of our branch makes this amazing lit up smiley and displays it in the conference room!

Suddenly everyone gets a jhatka!! (thats hindi for... jhatka...) we all get this competing spirit inside of us and everyone wants to do awesome decorations for their smileys. There was a prize of course which i dint win! So i made these big plans of making a doll house kinda structure for smiley. But it dint work out, too much effort and too less time! Then i decided to make a smiley superman! But due to technical errors ( my office boy was not able to find red cloth to stitch him a chaddi), i had to drop that plan as well. And all this happened just an hour before the final smiley exhibition. Then i some how managed to borrow a cow costume from a colleague and swathed my smiley in it. Unfortunately due to shortage of time, my smiley looked like a really badly molested rodent. Not very eye pleasing, I know!

2. Twin treat
So my colleagues wife gives birth to twins and we have this huuuuge bash where I pig out a was a real awesome night. The lowest form of humour is mimicry and I revel in it. I absolutely love making fun of other people and that’s what kept the night going. Besides picking on innocent family men type of guys and making them drink till they drop!!

3. Black and white day

Black and white day is awesome! Black and white suits absolutely anybody...including YOU!

There was lots of other stuff as well that happened. But I really run short of time these days so blogging is the last thing on my mind. I did have an awesomeeee week!! One of the best weekends I’ve had after coming to Mangalore. So yeah details on that in my next blog.

The diet and exercise has been on. I managed to exercise only 3 days a week. But my food intake has drastically cut down. I have started religiously skipping dinners or substituting it with fruits. Lunch consists of greens. Limited quantities of green tea, fruit juice and occasional fruits. And yes, i have lost 1.5 Kgs since last week. I know it doesn’t really seem much but its not bad if i calculate losing that much every week. That would amount to around 5 kgs a month which is superb!!

Desperately waiting for my gym to start! Once it does, im going to kick weightliftings ass! Real hard. Look out for my next post with weekend details!

I'm Happpyyyy! Cheers

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bad bad gulab jamun!!

Recently I was having a silly convo with an old friend. Who also reads the blog. So according to her, i should be fully covered in bubble wrap to make me accident proof. so even if i do fall, id go "pop pop" Lol. I considered it. and then burst out laughing.

My green diet has been going on. Just not been green enough. I have horrible will power. 2 days back there were these yummy Gulab Jamuns in front of me. I convinced myself that I would NOT touch them. and I promise you all i really did not touch them. I just popped one into my mouth using a spoon. And that was it. Next day i was semi food poisoned, terribly nauseated, constantly pukish and other disgusting things. Then i had a big counselling session with my Colleagues doctor who gave me a good dose of a different kind of medicine. and coincidentally my colleagues client calls her up today saying she had a vision that I was putting on too much weight. lol that was kinda hilarious. i cursed her after that 'cause the whole office had a good laugh after listening to her "private conversation" with my colleague on the speaker phone. But I have vowed now to completely cut out unhealthy food. As much as i can. i really have to work on the will power part. its real hard.

On a healthier note, my swimming has been going good. Ive not been too regular but I plan to make it compulsary from Monday without any excuses. its real good exercise and its lots of fun too. It helps tone your body and burn some calories too.

Good news is that Ive finally got my camera so next post on, you can expect some pics! yay! I cant wait for the weekend! Just to keep you'll hooked on, next post i intend on revealing how much weight ive lost since ive started my not so successful weight loss program!!

Have a super unhealthy weekend!! Cheers!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Chaaaiii garam chaiiiiii!!!

There HAS been quite a gap and I know gaps generally mean bad news! and yea this is totally one of those times! so you know, everything was going as planned, diet was on track, exercise was on track too...(but not on my track lol), i did little of binging here and there, but can you blame me if certain foods are so appealing? Kicked off the days with a big breakfast, mediocre lunch, trying my best to skip dinner or just have fruits and soup (which DID happen.once.)

But then, one fateful day, things took a treacherous turn! It was a gloomy day, heavy rains, sparks of thunder, flashes of lightning, a terrible traffic jam, pollution in the air and I, the great granddaughter of Columbus the explorer, decided to be a daredevil and "feel" the first rains on me! so i took a step forward, or a step down, and I slipped! lol the stairs were super slippery and my underweight body helped a little too :P and I fell on my rear end, bounced off the stair and fell a couple of more stairs down, twisted my ankle and semi hairline fractured my right hand (which already has a rod inside btw) I was lying there, my pregnant colleague completely scandalised and contemplating whether to risk climbing down those evil stairs and giving me her hand or to stand there and be safe. Adrenalin was high, she climbed down, looked at me, trying desperately to control her laughter at my hilarious bouncing rhythm, gave me back my slipper which flew off and the watchman on the other side who was too shy to touch me 'cause im a girl, but he too had no choice so he tried to pick me up with TWO FINGERS! LOL and he obviously couldnt, but he made these grunting noises which were screaming "i cant lift this woman" and people in the traffic jam lookin at me and laughing. now dont judge me but looking at all of this i shamelessly burst out laughing. then all my other colleagues came and started checking if the stairs were okay! lol

The conclusion is that My hand is in a miserable state, I cant move it. and its in a sling! Tomorrow Ill take an xray to check if everything is alright. so Sadly, I guess il have to lay off the swimming and yoga sessions for a while. But im not losing hope. or track. IM going to be on a stricter green diet.

Whats a green diet?

A green diet is a diet which is green. your welcome. It just consists of lots of leafy green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek etc, cucumbers and watermelons to cool you off, and lots and lots of green tea with lime. Now dont go all ughh on green tea. it works wonders for your body and it does NOT taste bitter. If you make it right that is. I drink it without sugar or anything else. I just squeeze lots of lime which takes away all the bitterness and makes it very much drinkable and a little addictive as well. Plus your getting all the good effects of lime.

You can have upto 8 cups a day! I have about 1 or 2 but I plan to increase to atleast 5. Green tea has amazing healing properties. and helps you loose weight too. it increases your metabolism and helps you burn calories faster.

Visit the following link for the amazing after effects of green tea.

Yes you can google other sites as well. Go ahead. Try it. I drink Lipton clear green tea!

so yeah looks like i will be increasing my green tea intake and reduce my food intake to make up for the physical inactivity. btw I start gymming on the 10th this month! if the gym opens that is! Either way, i want to heal fast. Can't weight to get started on all the muscle pumping!

Have a sinful weekend folks! cheers!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Yoga + Chicken cutlets = @#%#%#$%

Ok! Second post as far as the blog is concerned but First official post as far as my weightloss is concerned!! *does the happy dance* *without trying to move too much- cant afford another CATCH after last times happy dance* ;)

So i started my day real early! 5.30 am up n outta bed, n yet 15 mins late for My YOGA session! Woohoo ONLY 15 MINS late! Yoga was great. Ignoring the fact that i cant do most aasans, yet i manage to bend a lil here n there and still feel wonderful! So imagine the positive after effects of yoga!!

Honestly, its the solution to all of life’s problems. Whether you’re having a bad cold, or your man mercilessly dumped you, or your unable to squat for too long to do “potty” Indian style or ur a victim of incessant migraines, back aches, neck aches, stomach aches and any other body parts that may ache, YOGA can cure it all!! And its super easy to do as well ( If i could manage, don even bother complaining that you cant! ) Moreover, it ignites this inner “i cant believe im so fresh today” feeling! So seriously, stop being lazy and do any of the following three things, or atleast try it!

a) Venture out n buy Shilpa Shetty’s yoga cd! (i haven’t tried it, but lotsa positive first hand feedback). Learn something from HOW hot she is!

b) You’re a miser in which case, visit the following link, its free!!

Video link:

c) Enrol for yoga classes (best bet guys!)
If you can’t do either of these, ATLEAST google the benefits of yoga! How difficult is that guys! And besides, im here for any questions you may have! Consider yourself lucky...

Todays Diet! (i really tried- don’t judge )

I might have sinned a lil today! I started off great... a nice big bowl of POHA (i dono what you call it in English, its yellow, soft n awesome! Lol) with some 100% pure mixed fruit juice.
Then came lunch. I was fully prepared for chapatti and ladyfingers BUT some relatives dropped in, had to get snacks, had no time, so I munched on chicken cutlets  Then it became worse, I had some sweets as well! But I made up, Im skipping dinner and having some green tea! Tomorrow i promise ill do better!!

Thats it for today! Tomorrow i start my swimming sessions (YES!!! IN A SWIMSUIT) Control your laughter and un-raise your eyebrows, i Look pretty okay in it! Haha! I very smartly wear it. Irrespective of size, TECHNIQUE always matters! (for every aspect of life, LOL) If you want details on that, you can ask!!
Lets hope for a good week?? Cheers...

PS: Make do with the sidey googled pictures. I don’t have my cam! Even if I did, im sure you’ll wouldn’t want to see ME doing any of the aasans hahaha! But yeah, in a couple of days you’ll get to see the REAL ACTION (however you wanna interpret it is fine with me ;))

Friday, May 27, 2011

Weight and Watch!

Well good day peeps! here goes my first post! im not really a blogger or anything. but whatever goes! so yeah, this whole intro thing is gonna be pretty messy and haphazard! deal with it- uve no choice! ha!

so by the way, ive started this blog with a specific purpose in mind. ive got some good people in my life! some inspire me to write and the others inspire me to lose weight! so why not club the two and there you have it- my WEIGHTLOSS DIARIES! so i hereby welcome you to the wonderful world of immoral, illegal and insanely fattening things which im going to cut down (and stop! as time goes by of course). so while i document my success (lol i hope so), you guys can jus read, maybe take some tips, give some tips too and join me while i calorie count and cut down kilos!! (so much for alliteration huh?)

ill probably try my best not to put anyone to sleep! if anyones reading that is haha! i dont know how long its gona take, how its gonna come thru. but i plan to take it step by step and give you'll some great ideas (if they work) and some super healthy diets and fun work outs. i start Monday! the big day comes near and i know most of you are thinking ya fatso we know you too well. what can i say guys, guess you'll just have to weight and watch!!