Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finally a good week!!

My disrupted posting patterns should be excused. Cuz this time, ive got PICS! YAY! And so much to write about. Ive had the best week ever! Sooo much going on-

1. Smiley week
So we had this smiley week in office where everyone had to spread happiness and other crap. So there were loads of activities n contests, one of them was the smiley decorating contest where we were given a smiley ball n asked to decorate it. So basically on Monday everyone comes to work as usual forgetting about the smiley week and ka-boom, the so called rajnikant of our branch makes this amazing lit up smiley and displays it in the conference room!

Suddenly everyone gets a jhatka!! (thats hindi for... jhatka...) we all get this competing spirit inside of us and everyone wants to do awesome decorations for their smileys. There was a prize of course which i dint win! So i made these big plans of making a doll house kinda structure for smiley. But it dint work out, too much effort and too less time! Then i decided to make a smiley superman! But due to technical errors ( my office boy was not able to find red cloth to stitch him a chaddi), i had to drop that plan as well. And all this happened just an hour before the final smiley exhibition. Then i some how managed to borrow a cow costume from a colleague and swathed my smiley in it. Unfortunately due to shortage of time, my smiley looked like a really badly molested rodent. Not very eye pleasing, I know!

2. Twin treat
So my colleagues wife gives birth to twins and we have this huuuuge bash where I pig out a was a real awesome night. The lowest form of humour is mimicry and I revel in it. I absolutely love making fun of other people and that’s what kept the night going. Besides picking on innocent family men type of guys and making them drink till they drop!!

3. Black and white day

Black and white day is awesome! Black and white suits absolutely anybody...including YOU!

There was lots of other stuff as well that happened. But I really run short of time these days so blogging is the last thing on my mind. I did have an awesomeeee week!! One of the best weekends I’ve had after coming to Mangalore. So yeah details on that in my next blog.

The diet and exercise has been on. I managed to exercise only 3 days a week. But my food intake has drastically cut down. I have started religiously skipping dinners or substituting it with fruits. Lunch consists of greens. Limited quantities of green tea, fruit juice and occasional fruits. And yes, i have lost 1.5 Kgs since last week. I know it doesn’t really seem much but its not bad if i calculate losing that much every week. That would amount to around 5 kgs a month which is superb!!

Desperately waiting for my gym to start! Once it does, im going to kick weightliftings ass! Real hard. Look out for my next post with weekend details!

I'm Happpyyyy! Cheers

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