Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Im back! And serious this time! lol

Wow!! It has got to be the toughest thing on earth to keep your blog going. I am sooo lazy and dominated by this awesome recliner chair in my house! Its been with me for years and has never failed me, more than once that is! Yeah, the last time the wood inside cracked and the chair broke. Whatever. Its back now. And its ruining my life. Me and the chair should be featured in the fevicol ad.

So updates? Plenty..

I quit my job!
I got all kinds of diseases (life threatening) and recovered from them. And used up my health insurance!
I met up with my besties from college after so many years

Well, as is obvious, NOTHING happened while i was away! Annnnddd i managed to maintain the same weight! Muahahaha.

So yes my gym has started, about a year ago. Ive only recently started going, i plan to keep it that way! No pictures today! But keep checking in for my weightloss updates, healthy tips, my yummy healthy recipes (oh yeah ive started cooking!) and hopefully some good news as we go along!

Have a good week!


  1. hey i can vouch for your cooking brownies and pasta yum.

  2. lol thanks guys keep coming back!!