Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leeks vs steaks!

So who else is elated the weekend is finally here? Monday to Saturday feels like an eternity! Except that I don’t have a job now and it makes me feel pretty frikkin awesome!

Surprisingly I didnt miss gym even once this week. My awesome meter is slowly rising. AND Im re joining yoga cause I think its the best exercise one can get. Ignoring the great sacrifice I have to make by getting up at 5.30 am, when I do lose some calories its going to be super amazing!

Oh heres this awesome recipe I tried out, Braised Leeks. Leeks are a little milder than onions and they are immune boosters besides being a great source of fiber. And they’re really tasty too! You can find the recipe here

I ate it with plain rice – not white, brown boiled basmati rice, which is again a great substitute for white rice and it looks AND tastes the same! I also improvised a little. I used organic leeks, so didn’t have to clean them much and instead of slicing through it, I chopped them up. I also used a lot more garlic than the recipe calls for and I substituted butter with olive oil. How healthy is this recipe, huh?

My weekend is shaping out good, I had an awesome night out with my favourite ladies and we hogged! Lol its okay to gorge once a week stop judging me, I gave you the leeks recipe didn’t I?

Excuse my horrible picture quality!!

Pentagon: Olden style restaurant with wooden interiors, one of the lesser famous places and one of my favourites for their yummy food, continental AND Indian! They have the best steaks, but my healthy leeks win...(not)

Anyhu, Im heading to gym now while you'll break your weekly monotony! Have a great weekend!!


  1. That's great to know you're going to the gym and eating healthy! I missed your posts!

  2. Hey thanks! IM back now and hopefully going to be regular too haha!