Friday, March 23, 2012

In High Spirits ;)

Remember how I told you guys I put on 2 kgs!! Well, it wasn’t because of over eating...which umm..err I technically didn’t do, unless you think I.... blah never mind. I’m fat and I know it!!
But yes, THE ALCOHOL was a major contributor to my plus 2 kgs. I normally don’t drink and I suppose my body isn’t accustomed to it, which explains a lot of things.

Yes, alcohol IS fattening. It halts fat burning and enhances and activates fat production and storage in the body. So you fat people know what you need to cut down on now.

But not to lower your spirits (pun intended), here’s an awesome cocktail recipe. My personal Favourite, presenting the Singapore Sling

5 ml Benedictine
5 ml Cointreau
5 ml Angostura bitters
5 ml Grenadine
5 ml Gin
Orange Juice
Crushed Ice

( Courtesy Pritham awesomehost Dsouza )

Oh and this is a must try! Coffee Liqueur

Today was a holiday, so no swimming (secretly jumps slowly ensuring nothing breaks ) but back to the urine filled waters tomorrow. Haha. And yes, no matter how much they tell you that they don’t pee in pools, be warned, its a downright LIE!!

Weekend is here, Lets make it large!! LOL I just cant stop. Cheers

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