Friday, June 10, 2011

Bad bad gulab jamun!!

Recently I was having a silly convo with an old friend. Who also reads the blog. So according to her, i should be fully covered in bubble wrap to make me accident proof. so even if i do fall, id go "pop pop" Lol. I considered it. and then burst out laughing.

My green diet has been going on. Just not been green enough. I have horrible will power. 2 days back there were these yummy Gulab Jamuns in front of me. I convinced myself that I would NOT touch them. and I promise you all i really did not touch them. I just popped one into my mouth using a spoon. And that was it. Next day i was semi food poisoned, terribly nauseated, constantly pukish and other disgusting things. Then i had a big counselling session with my Colleagues doctor who gave me a good dose of a different kind of medicine. and coincidentally my colleagues client calls her up today saying she had a vision that I was putting on too much weight. lol that was kinda hilarious. i cursed her after that 'cause the whole office had a good laugh after listening to her "private conversation" with my colleague on the speaker phone. But I have vowed now to completely cut out unhealthy food. As much as i can. i really have to work on the will power part. its real hard.

On a healthier note, my swimming has been going good. Ive not been too regular but I plan to make it compulsary from Monday without any excuses. its real good exercise and its lots of fun too. It helps tone your body and burn some calories too.

Good news is that Ive finally got my camera so next post on, you can expect some pics! yay! I cant wait for the weekend! Just to keep you'll hooked on, next post i intend on revealing how much weight ive lost since ive started my not so successful weight loss program!!

Have a super unhealthy weekend!! Cheers!!

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  1. Good girl! If you're having trouble resisiting temptation, (and who doesn't?), why not be strict for 6 days, and keep one cheat day in the week? That's what I do!