Friday, June 3, 2011

Chaaaiii garam chaiiiiii!!!

There HAS been quite a gap and I know gaps generally mean bad news! and yea this is totally one of those times! so you know, everything was going as planned, diet was on track, exercise was on track too...(but not on my track lol), i did little of binging here and there, but can you blame me if certain foods are so appealing? Kicked off the days with a big breakfast, mediocre lunch, trying my best to skip dinner or just have fruits and soup (which DID happen.once.)

But then, one fateful day, things took a treacherous turn! It was a gloomy day, heavy rains, sparks of thunder, flashes of lightning, a terrible traffic jam, pollution in the air and I, the great granddaughter of Columbus the explorer, decided to be a daredevil and "feel" the first rains on me! so i took a step forward, or a step down, and I slipped! lol the stairs were super slippery and my underweight body helped a little too :P and I fell on my rear end, bounced off the stair and fell a couple of more stairs down, twisted my ankle and semi hairline fractured my right hand (which already has a rod inside btw) I was lying there, my pregnant colleague completely scandalised and contemplating whether to risk climbing down those evil stairs and giving me her hand or to stand there and be safe. Adrenalin was high, she climbed down, looked at me, trying desperately to control her laughter at my hilarious bouncing rhythm, gave me back my slipper which flew off and the watchman on the other side who was too shy to touch me 'cause im a girl, but he too had no choice so he tried to pick me up with TWO FINGERS! LOL and he obviously couldnt, but he made these grunting noises which were screaming "i cant lift this woman" and people in the traffic jam lookin at me and laughing. now dont judge me but looking at all of this i shamelessly burst out laughing. then all my other colleagues came and started checking if the stairs were okay! lol

The conclusion is that My hand is in a miserable state, I cant move it. and its in a sling! Tomorrow Ill take an xray to check if everything is alright. so Sadly, I guess il have to lay off the swimming and yoga sessions for a while. But im not losing hope. or track. IM going to be on a stricter green diet.

Whats a green diet?

A green diet is a diet which is green. your welcome. It just consists of lots of leafy green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek etc, cucumbers and watermelons to cool you off, and lots and lots of green tea with lime. Now dont go all ughh on green tea. it works wonders for your body and it does NOT taste bitter. If you make it right that is. I drink it without sugar or anything else. I just squeeze lots of lime which takes away all the bitterness and makes it very much drinkable and a little addictive as well. Plus your getting all the good effects of lime.

You can have upto 8 cups a day! I have about 1 or 2 but I plan to increase to atleast 5. Green tea has amazing healing properties. and helps you loose weight too. it increases your metabolism and helps you burn calories faster.

Visit the following link for the amazing after effects of green tea.

Yes you can google other sites as well. Go ahead. Try it. I drink Lipton clear green tea!

so yeah looks like i will be increasing my green tea intake and reduce my food intake to make up for the physical inactivity. btw I start gymming on the 10th this month! if the gym opens that is! Either way, i want to heal fast. Can't weight to get started on all the muscle pumping!

Have a sinful weekend folks! cheers!


  1. Hey! Hope your arm heals fast! You poor thing. but I Love the spirit. keep it up!
    Sweetie, a green diet is good for health, so is green tea. But please remember to include protein in your diet, otherwise most green (and all other colored) fruits and veggies are mostly water. Your body needs protein. Otherwise all the weight-lifting is useless, you will actually damage and lose muscle instead of building it. Eat lean meat, eggs, beans, etc.

  2. yep!! all of that included. im ending my green diet this weekend. im going to start rujuta divekars diet next! haha! green diet is boringgg!