Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Ultimate GM Diet!

What's up everyone? I haven’t posted for so many days ‘cause Ive had better things to do! Whahahahah. Anyhu, lots has changed since my last post. Im going to dedicate this post purely to weight loss and no nonsense anecdotes!

I started Yoga besides swimming. So my day goes something like 6 am yoga, 7.30 am swimming, 8.30 to 10.30 gym workouts and then breakfast. Surprisingly i don’t feel weak at all until the last few minutes of the work out! This week Im doing only cardio because Im on...wait for it.... THE GM DIET!!! How awesome is that? I know ive heard a lot of people who say it doesn’t work and all. But I still want to try it anyway. You will get first hand info from me right here! I will be covering all the days of my diet and the amount of weight I lost.

So I got through day 1- ONLY FRUITS NO BANANAS. It was the worst experience of my life. I was disgusted with all the fruit intake. I desperately needed anything but a fruit. So in my opinion the first day is the worst. Lol. But Im saying that only because Im just on the 2nd day! I had watermelon, sweet limes, pineapples, chickoos and guavas! Have lots of watermelon its supposed to be the major weight shedder.
Anyhow, outcome of day 1, I HATE FRUITS and I lost 1.5 kgs! Go me!!


It was surprisingly easy for me. I found innovative ways to eat vegetables!! Not innovative but definitely not raw or boiled. According to the diet, a large boiled potato with a pat of butter is supposed to be breakfast. I skipped the butter, used olive oil and some herbs with a dash of salt and pepper with my sliced potatoes. It was DELICIOUS!!

I had a salad for lunch, for the dressing I used little olive oil and a salad mix with no fat. That and a cup of masala corn. Dinner Im thinking stir fried veggies and maybe a broccoli with red peppers salad. Ill let you know how that goes tomorrow!

I deserve this ‘cause I truly sinned last week.

Moms Easter Chicken Biryani Treat!!!

THE most amazing mousse and biscuit non baked dessert EVER!

SINFUL Strawberry Cupcakes

You can find the GM DIET here

Come back tomorrow to find out my weight status and whether I even survived! Thanks for reading! Cheers.

PS I apologise for the phone camera snaps lol, I promise i'll try and work something out!!

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  1. 1.5 in 1 day? that is insane! you go girl. try fruits only for a week na.. :)