Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GM DIET- Day 3

Im back readers! And yes I do have some good news. Im on the 3rd day of the GM Diet – All fruits and vegetables except potatoes and bananas. And I must say I have survived till now. Its not that tough really. What is really tough is the numerous number of people who come to you and politely tell you that this diet does not work. Maybe not! But in the quest for a smaller waist size, its totally worth giving a shot! So don’t let anyone dampen your spirits.

3 days are over and I feel great. I skipped yoga and swimming today ‘cause I felt slightly nauseated early morning. I guess the side effects of the diet. But I did spend some extra time running in the gym.

I’m slowly starting to despise vegetables too now lol. I had ALOT of watermelon and strawberries today, so I feel pretty awesome. Those are my favourite fruits ever! And I picked the strawberries just in time, strawberry season is coming to an end sadly .

Here’s what I ate last night. Stir fried veggies. I think this has got to be the healthiest meal Ive had in a really long time and surprisingly it was immensely delicious. You can ask me for the recipe ‘cause its super easy and super duper healthy!

And today’s lunch was kind of okay! I had a zucchini relish and some cauliflower. Im kind of a cauliflower hater-ish person. And a wine-in-food lover. So I was hoping my zucchini would turn out to be really exotic and tasty and the cauliflower really bland. But the exact opposite happened.

Here’s the zucchini with cherried tomatoes, onions, capsicum, herbs and white wine. Was okay, I would probably rate it a 5 on 10.

And this is the super tasty easiest to cook cauliflower. Oh wait I don’t have a picture. Lol. But I picked up the recipe from... oh darn I cant find the site link. LOL. But I can tell you I just stir fried tiny cauliflower florets along with little olive oil, salt and pepper, chives, dried parsley and some lemon zest. It was quite tasty for a health dish! I’d say a 7 maybe.

And for the good news, I lost about 500 gms, lol half kilo! I said good news, NOT great news! But that’s not bad right? I’ll be back tomorrow. And I really AM dreading tomorrow. Its going to be the worst day! Milk and bananas*puuukeee*

Wish me luck  Good Night!

ps: I had a cup of coffee with very little sugar. I don't know how thats going to affect my weight loss but i guess we'll find that out at the end of this week!


  1. Give me credit for the stir-fried veggies recipe!!! Grrr !

  2. allright everyone, the stir fried veggies recipe was courtesy Jarna, as seen

  3. white wine eh. hmm. sounds interesting. Dont you need to put a lot of it to feel the taste coupled with those veggies? I like the ingredients. Add in some cheese as well :) next time maybe.
    And go girl! 500 grams sounds great..

    and bananas and milk. shake it up with a spoon full of nutella. you will definitely survive :) muah xoxo

  4. unforunately i cant shake anything up with a spoon of remember yellow tree cafe? wahahahahaha!!!

    no you dont need to put a lot to feel the taste i put about 2 or 3 tablespoons thats it!!